A Garlic Lover’s Dream, Spaghetti Aglio Olio

aglio olio

I think anyone who reads my blog at this point knows I am a garlic junkie. Have I even posted one recipe that does not use any garlic other than the dessert I posted? To be honest I don’t think I have. And can you blame me? Garlic is absolutely delicious! There is nothing better than that sweet, almost nutty flavor you get from beautifully browned garlic. Well this pasta recipe here is an ode to all the fellow garlic lovers out there, and even better, this recipe is unbelievably cheap and simple to prepare and is friendlier to the figure than a lot of the recipes I have posted.

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Recipes in Action


Earlier this week my best friend who lives several states away informed me that he was having a small dinner party type thing. I said good for him, but he immediately got flustered and said he needed help. He has had my spicy chicken alfredo before and loved it, and it only made sense to send him to my post with the recipe. He was grateful for the help but very nervous at the same time. To be honest, it made me very nervous because this was the first time that someone else would be cooking one of my recipes.

Well as soon as he had the chicken hit the pan he messaged me to tell me how amazing the house was smelling. Throughout the process he continuously called, snapchatted, and texted me updates. It turns out that neither he nor I had any reason to be nervous. He sent me the above photo of his recreation of my dish and informed me that the pasta was a massive hit and everyone absolutely loved it.

This was such a thrilling experience for me because like I earlier mentioned, no one’s cooked one of my recipes before. All the dishes I’ve made have been viewed almost as enigmas among my closest friends. It made me so happy that my best friend who constantly talks about how much he misses my cooking was able to successfully recreate one of his favorite dishes at home, and even happier that he was able to share the dish with people that he cares for deeply. It definitely felt like my “Ina Garten Moment.”